Table Spectroscope FTS-50


The FTS-50 table spectroscope is a conventional instrument used in jewelry identification laboratories to observe the absorption or emission spectra of a sample in the visible range. Table spectroscope has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient observation, strong light source spectrum, clear, sample and spectroscope can be fixed, easy for teaching demonstration etc..

A spectroscope and a light source seat
Prism type rod spectroscope, adjustable slit, built-in digital scale: 400-700nm
Desktop dual-lamp adjustable light source
600mm high temperature resistant self-locking fiber optic tube,used as a fiber optic lighting
Special lens fixing bracket,easy to adjust


Table Spectroscope


The light source adopts a strong white light source with continuous spectrum that meets the requirements of the spectroscope test, and a dual-lamp adjustable light source with strong transmitted light and strong cold light source;

  The unique lamp holder device makes the replacement of the bulb faster and safer;

Desktop dual-lamp adjustable light source; 12 V/50w high-quality high-concentration cold-light halogen lamp cup, high luminous efficiency, while minimizing the baking degree of the fiber tube;

600mm high temperature resistant self-locking fiber optic tube; there is a heat dissipation fan inside; the light inlet is continuously adjustable from Φ2-Φ28mm; in addition to being used as a light source for a spectroscope, it can also be used as a fiber optic lamp;

Two grooves are provided for easy placement of gemstone samples;

Special lens fixing bracket, easy to adjust and easy to use;

Imported high-quality prism spectroscope with scale, adjustable slit, adjustable focus, built-in digital scale: 400-700nm;

Unique lamp holder device makes the replacement of bulbs faster and safer; humanized design structure, with installation holes for gem clips on both sides;Magnet base universal gemstone holder

Dimensions: 220mm×170mm×270mm

Net Weight: 3.7KG

Spectroscopic part

The prismatic scale spectroscope not only has the advantages of good light transmission, clear spectrum, high resolution, but also can determine the wavelength of absorption lines, which provides the necessary parameters for the accurate identification of precious stones.

Technical parameters and configuration

Prismatic scale spectroscope

Measuring range: 400-700nm;

Accuracy: + 2nm;

Light source part

The light source base with spectroscopic testing requirements with a continuous spectrum of strong white light source, light adjustable light source system, strong light transmission (adjustable light aperture ¢2-¢28nm), and the strong cold light source two lighting, equipped with high quality glass fiber tube, used as a light source in addition to points. Can also be used as optical fiber. The humanized design structure, both sides have the stone clamping hole, the unique lamp rack device makes the replacement of the bulb more fast and safe, set up a special spectroscope bracket and ruler lighting interface.

Technical parameters and configuration

(1) The light source base      1

(2) fiber tube: ¢4×600nm     1

(3) spectroscope bracket        1 sets

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