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Vplus 3.5 | Officially Released! Jewelry Visual Upgrade, Rich Product Details, Ultimate Virtual Try On Experience

Born For Products, Come For Experience

Experience Entrance


1. Upgraded engine version;

2. Upgraded diamond effect;

3. Supporting color diamond effect exhibition;

4. Improved metal rendering effect;

5. Enhancedreflection and shadow effects;

6. Optimized flicker effect;

Ⅰ、What software is VPLUS ?

VPLUS is a 3D jewelry experiential sales tool! Display enterprise products in 3D on mobile phones/computers, combine, match, play, and try them on, allowing customers to focus on the products, enhance their perception, and achieve maximum transaction success! Unlike traditional inventory management, CRM, and ERP software, VPLUS is a visual interaction system that is at the forefront of digital sales. It is a medium for conveying products, triggering transactions, and truly a direct revenue generating tool.  

Ⅱ、What are the functions ?

1. Building a database (3D product database)

2. Real time 3D display on mobile devices

3. Product interaction&virtual try on

4. Quickly create product stills and animations

5. API interface, can directly connect to H5/Mini Program/APP  

Ⅲ、What are the advantages ?

From 3D standardization, cloud deployment, rendering, to AR real-time trial wear, it is completely completed in VPLUS 3.5. Powerful API interface that can connect with enterprises’ own H5 web pages, mini programs, apps, ERP, etc., and can be extended to any application, making it a leading full process visualization solution in the industry



Ⅳ、What does virtual try on look like ?

VTO 3 is the world’s leading AR trial solution! Cross platform, installation free, fully compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and store desktop devices, supporting regular WEBCAM, with excellent touch screen interaction performance. Switchable front and rear cameras, balancing real-time tracking and photo style trial wearing, ultra realistic fusion technology, rendering product charm, and enhancing customer experience!  

Ⅴ、Software applicability ?

VPLUS is widely used in finished product retail, style selection, digital customization&design, production, and supply chain collaboration:  

Provide a digital base for jewelry retail, wholesale, customization, design, manufacturing, and supply chain. The powerful front-end 3D interactive experience is a bridge connecting products and customers. Every enterprise can quickly spread 3D styles, allowing customers to intuitively experience the products  

Ⅶ、Why do we need to build a database? How to build it ?

VPLUS is centered around a 3D style library, extending visual and interactive applications. Customers perceive products through 3D data, and the quality directly affects sales efficiency. The 3D style library is a digital moat for enterprises. While investing manpower and funds in building and transforming the library, it also keeps competitors out of the barriers. The database building operator needs to have Rhino basic skills. Enterprises without technical talents don’t have to worry, there are multiple ways to build a database to choose from:

1. Self built; Own Rhino modelers and a large amount of 3D style data;

2. Outsourcing; Without Rhino modelers, there are not many styles (within a thousand);

3. Call: For unplanned investment funds, third-party funds can be called;

For items 2 and 3: Bavlo Technology undertakes outsourcing database construction, or helps enterprises connect with third-party database construction teams and 3D style data providers  

Ⅸ、Have those functions ?

VPLUS 3.5 is based on cloud services in both the front-end and back-end, runs in a browser, cross platform, does not require installation, and is automatically updated. Provide industry users with 3D content production, online dissemination, and AR real-time trial solutions.  

Ⅺ、Choose the version that suits you

Ⅻ、What is the price?

Please consult customer service.  

XIII、Hardware&Operating Environment

VPLUS 3.5 is based on HTML5 web pages and can be experienced with a web browser. Performance is directly proportional to hardware computing power. The mid to high end hardware launched since 2018 has achieved the best experience. Bavlo Technology – focuses on【product visualization】 and 【low-cost 3D content production】 technology. We develop universal 3D visualization software and provide personalized development services. With rich project experience and technical reserves, we provide strong technical support for enterprises: