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Operation Video

FABLE Operation Video

Watch our instructional videos, company presentations and product operation video tutorials

Assembly video of faceting machine FJM S2019

FABLE Gem Identification tool kits FGL 10

FABLE Gem Identification tool kits FGL 8

FABLE Ultraviolet fluorescent lamp FUV

FABLE Gemstone refractometer

FABLE Table Polariscope

FABLE Handheld Spectroscope

Efficiency optic fiber lighting

Diamond grading lamp

Straight arm gemstone microscope FGM U3 17

Swing arm type stereoscopic gemstone microscope FGM R6S 171T

Chelsea filter FCF 25

FABLE Dichroscope

Gem Microscope FGM R1S 15

Gem Micoscope FGM R1A 15

Diamond tester SDC 100

Desktop Electronic Spectroscope FTS CCD

How to distinguish Natural diamonds, CVD/HPHT .....

Gem magnifying glass

Precious metal tester FED 520

Gem torch FGT 4 1

Gem torch FJT T6 2

Gem testing kit FGB 6

Gem torch FGT 3

Gem testing kit FGB 8

Diamond proportion scope FPT 02

Gem torch FJT A2