Optical Fiber Light FCL-150A

High-efficiency Fiber optic light, also known as strong cold light source, has the characteristics of high brightness, low power consumption, light concentration, continuous spectrum and easy operation. It is mainly used for observing the absorption spectrum of gems and gem detection lighting such as Charles color filters;  

150W halogen lamp with cold light source
With adjustable light
Long life fiber tube
With two 600mm high temperature resistance optical tubes.
With a built-in heat dissipation fan for long time working


Efficiency optic fiber light

Model: FCL-150A

The Optic Fiber light supply the cold light source for the Chelsea Filter, Spectroscpoe usually, as the one with the cold light so the gem will not be break down, especially for the Ruby.



150w high-quality high-concentration cold-light halogen lamp cup, which makes the luminous efficiency higher and minimizes the baking of the fiber tube; adjustable and high-efficiency light source;

Equipped with double 600mm high-temperature resistant optical fiber hard tube; equipped with cooling fan inside;

Unique light holder device makes bulb replacement faster and safer; Input voltage: 220V;

Bulb: 12V/150W;

Product size:: 180mm (width) × 150mm (height) × 180mm (thickness);

Weight: about 4.73kg.


Gemological Laboratory, Gemology school, Jewelry industrial


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