Jewelry Binocular Microscope FGM-R6S-171T


The microscope is a great tool for separating natural from synthetic, imitation and assembled gemstone and for quality grading of both diamonds and colored stone. The Model of FGM-R6S-171 is a swing arm Binocular stereoscopic continuous zoom microscope, with Fable latest 6th generation Base can be rotated 360°,the lens enlarged image is upright, with high definition, vivid colors, strong three-dimensional effect, and a wide field of view. The optical components are treated with a special coating layer to form a flat image with good contrast in the ultra-wide field of view, and the image at the edge of the field of view is also clear and bright;

Provide four lighting modes,with high-quality dark field
Adopt patent latest lighting system,bright field and dark field are completely separated  
Cross-polarized conoscopic system
Lens: Motic SMZ-171 Trinocular
Magnification: 7.5X-50X
Zoom Ratio: 6.7:1
Integrated global wide voltage power supply with stable brightness
Triocular lens,which can be connected with CCD


R6S Microscope Base Description:

(Own developed and manufactured)

Model FGM-R6S


light source

10W high-power continuously adjustable imported LED bottom light. Adopt the latest lighting system that the two lighting methods of bright field and dark field are completely separated, which effectively solves the problem of lighting chaos that exists in the traditional bright field;Diameter 2-42mm continuously adjustable large diaphragm, ring-shaped dark field diffuser without screw fixing design, providing high-quality dark field;

light source 

6W continuously adjustable ultra-high brightness LED white light surface light source with 6500±500K color temperature, which meets the requirements of diamond grading lighting;

light source

3W high-brightness adjustable LED side-light auxiliary lighting,


The base can be rotated 360°, and the mirror body can be adjusted freely within the range of 0-45°;

Ball-type focusing guide, adjustable self-locking mechanism;

There are mounting holes for jewel clips on the left and right sides;

Add a cross-polarized conoscopic system.

Power Supply It can work normally in the voltage range of 100-240V


Lens×1; Base×1; Eyepiece×2; Polarizer (group)×1; Conoscopic lens×1; Fiber optic tube×1; Power cord×1; Dust cover;


Difference from R5S and R6S Base

FGM-R5S Base FGM-R6S Base
Not adopt adopt latest patent illumination system (patent technology 201120391412.4) that the two lighting methods of bright field and dark field are completely separated,


Microscope Lens parameters (Model:171T)

Lens Brand and Model Motic SMZ-171 Trinocular
Eyepiece WF10X/22mm  
Continuous zooming 7.5X-50X
Objective lens zoom range 0.75-5.0X
Zoom ratio 6.7:1
Working distance 110mm
Eye distance adjustment range 50mm-75mm
Diopter adjustment ±5
It has a trinocular camera interface. The camera interface adopts three-way trinocular simultaneous viewing and synchronization technology, so that the two eyepieces and the camera can be observed at the same time without switching, and the focal lengths are synchronized.



1.Check the surface characteristics of the gemstone. The surface of the gemstone is scratched, etched, damaged, bond surface (bubble, gloss difference), double crystal pattern, triangle growth mark, growth pattern, growth ribbon and so on.

2.Observe the internal characteristics of the gem, including the type, shape, quantity, double crystal plane, growth pattern, color distribution characteristics of inclusions, etc., for those with special inclusions.

3.Observe the interferogram

Use two polarizers to make them orthogonal, and install an interference ball at the position of the tweezers installation hole to provide conoscopic light, which can check the interference pattern of gems;

4.Check gem pleochroism

Just add a polarizer under the gem, you can only see one color at a time when you turn the gem, and it is better to turn the gem quickly for contrast observation;

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