Diamond grading lamp FDL-12


Illumination is very important in the color grading of diamonds. The use of a uniform light source can eliminate the effect of different light sources on the color. The diamond grading lamp produced by our company requires the light source to have the characteristics of no ultraviolet light, uniform light energy distribution, low heat generation, soft light, and color temperature of 5500K-7200K. It meets the requirements of the diamond grading standard light source, and to a certain extent can ensure the accuracy and comparability of the diamond grading results. It is an ideal lighting fixture for diamond grading.

Stable color temperature
Black and white background board, adjustable lighting angle
Two levels of light dimming, soft light baffle, colorimetric and grading options
Comes with tray, grading board, gem loupe, diamond tweezers, cutting loupe and alcohol jar


Diamond Grading Tools

Model: FDL-12

Used to provide a standard light source when grading diamonds



Daylight fluorescent lamp,The light field is stable and does not flicker;   

Two levels of light dimming, with soft light baffle, can for color comparison and grading;                                                    

Color temperature:6000k±500k                                            

Intensity of illuminatioan:2000lx(20cm).                               

Black and white background board,Adjustable angles of light source                                      

The unique lamp holder device makes the replacement of lamp tubes faster and safer;

With Loupe,Diamond selector,Grading light,tray. Comes with tray, grading board, Gem loupe, diamond tweezers, cutting loupe and its storage box and alcohol jar

2 bulbs ,each one is 11W

Power supply:220V


Gemological Laboratory, Gemology school, Jewelry industrial

Difference between FDL-12 and FDL-LED

Dimming settings Two levels of light dimming Stepless continuous dimming
Voltage 220V 110V-240V


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