Gem Faceting hand FJA-1O7


It is convenient to observe the processing of gemstones when carving and polishing them; Dual-purpose faceting hand with 64 degrees and 96 degrees, easy to switch the index plate;

〉The fan-shaped scale plate makes it easy to adjust the angle of cutting gemstones and ensures accurate positioning.
〉Wheels Index: 64 & 96
〉With 10pcs dop sticks
〉Easy to operate,faceting and polishing for all shapes


Lapidary Tool Gemstone Faceting Hand for Lapidary Machine with Index Wheels of 96 and 64


With Both 64 and 96 Wheels Index

With 10pcs dop sticks(5.8mm diameter,80mm length)

Easy to operate,can faceting and polishing for all shapes

(Round,square,rectangle,oval,teardrop,trident etc.)

Single package size:24X15X10 cm

Single gross weight:2.0KG

Dop stick arm  

Its front end is similar to the pink handle, with a long head and a bolt of outer sleeve, which are used to install the dop sticks. The dop stick arm is mounted on a bracket and can rotate in the vertical direction. Its tail end is equipped with a circumferential indexing wheel and an anti-skid brake. When anti-skid brake is opened, the dop stick arm can rotate with the indexing wheel;


Angle scale plate and pointer  

The angle scale plate is generally fan-shaped, which is used to adjust the angle of cutting and grinding gemstones. As shown in the figure, the angle from 0 ° to 90 ° is engraved on it, which is fixed on the bracket and does not move with the dop stick arm. The angle pointer is fixed on the dop stick arm and rotates with the dop stick arm. When the pointer is at 0 °, the dop stick arm is perpendicular to the plane of the grinding disk, and when the pointer is at 90 °, the stick arm is horizontal. In order to prevent the angle pointer from sliding, the faceting hand/arm is equipped with a fixing screw. When the angle is fixed, the fixing screw is tightened to prevent it from rotating in the vertical direction;


Index wheel and anti-skid brake 

The index wheel determines the indexing of gemstones when they rotate along the dop stick axis, including 64 indexing and 96 indexing. The anti-skid brake is used to fix the indexing wheel. When the brake is pressed, the brake lock on the other end will disengage from the gear, so that the gear can drive the dop stick arm to rotate. When the brake is released, the brake lock will be embedded in the gap between teeth, so that the dop stick arm is fixed and represents a indexing. The 64 indexing wheel has 64 tooth notches, and each notch is marked with an index number. In the process of use, adjust the tilt angle of the dop stick arm as required, adjust the tray height of the lift table, and place the hand-held faceting hand/arm on the tray of the lift table for processing.



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