Desktop Model CNC lifting platform Lapidary Machine FJM-S2023


The CNC lifting platform gemstone Lapidary machine adopts CNC technology and controls the stepper motor to drive the screw rod to adjust the height required for the lifting platform to reach the specified angle, thereby achieves the purpose of changing the angle of consideration and solves the two major problems of inaccurate height adjustment and cumbersome operation of traditional lifting tables.When using, enter the corresponding gem faceting angle or height value, and the platform will automatically rise and fall to the height required for grinding.

Main functions: Faceting and Polishing the Gemstone.
Enter the angle and height data,platform would go to the right position automatically
To Faceting the gemstone with hardness up to 9.
Flat Faceting Hand wheels Index: 64 & 96
With Fable High Quality Black Exquisite octangle Hand
Speed of Mainshaft: 2300-2800r/min.
The height accuracy of the lifting platform can reach ±0.01mm.



Integrated design of grinding machine and bracket,has 4 octagonal hand placement sockets

Lighting system: Equipped with 8W high brightness LED surface light source;

Platform motion parameters and storage parameters are all operated and displayed on the color touch screen, and all data can be saved when the power is turned off;

The platform can automatically move up and down and left and right to the required position, user only needs to input the corresponding gem Angle value or height value,no need to be moved manually;

 Equipment spindle grinding disc: diameter 150mm, rotation speed 0~2800 adjustable (frequency conversion),

 Spindle motor: 220V 250W;

 X-axis (left and right movement) : Accuracy: ±0.05mm, total stroke: 0~170mm;

Z axis (platform lifting) : Accuracy: ±0.01mm, total stroke: 0~270mm

Angle range of machined gems: 0°~90°;

Overall dimension: 82cm*50cm*55cm;(Includs lifting table pole)

Safety device: The front side panel of the equipment is equipped with a red emergency locking button.



The machine components include a faceting hand/arm, a Fable High Quality Black Exquisite octangle Hand, an Zinc alloy polishing disc with a diameter of 150mm, 3 pcs diamond disc for Faceting polishing( 400#; 800#; 1200#), a Gem table grinder,a dop plate,a dop worktable,Dop Wax ,a Folding magnifier,a Pliers,a wrench,10 dop sticks, a set of lifting table and a water cup with a tap. When connecting the accessories, be sure to tighten the screws.


Differences from FJM-S2021 and FJM-S2023

FJM-2021 FJM-2023
with a metal storage cabinet Not with
A circulating water supply system is designed,which can precisely adjust the water flow speed Only with a water cup with a tap to adjust water
Size: 82cm(Length)*50cm(Width)*110cm(Height) Size: 82cm(Length)*50cm(Width)*55cm(Height)
Packing Weight:95KG(Net Weight:75KG) Packing Weight:50KG(Net Weight:35KG)


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