Digital Gem Faceting hand FAH-2023


It comes with a removable, rechargeable large-capacity lithium battery power supply, with high battery capacity and long standby time; Use the advanced FOC closed-loop control system algorithm to achieve the excellent characteristics of the motor such as high precision, high torque, ultra-quiet, low heat, and low power consumption;

〉Install corresponding APP on Android Pad or Android phone
〉App with commonly used gem cutting data
〉Freely set indexing wheel such as 64, 96, 126, or even 360 degrees
〉Two basic working modes: faceted and round
〉Angle accuracy: ± 0.02 °


Main performance features

Using an Android Pad or Android phoneto achieve a human-machine control interface through Bluetooth connection, you only need to download and install the corresponding APP to use it. The operation is simple, and the screen can visually display the current index number                                                           

2.The APP comes with a variety of commonly used standard gem cutting data (such as standard round diamond, square, horse eye, ellipse, heart, pear, Emerald, etc.), which can be called out with one key to start the faceting process;You can also input special shaping data and save it yourself, import gem data files, and support data files designed by GEMCAD; 3. There are two basic working modes: faceted and round, which can be randomly switched modes and can quickly and easily set the 0 degree position 

It can replace the octagonal hand on the platform or the traditional hook faceting hand. It has a universal size and is easily replaceable;

The equipment has high accuracy, small size, and is more convenient to carry;

Automatic standby without operating for extended periods of time, saving energy;

Scope of application: factory production, studio printing, school teaching, gemstone design enthusiasts, etc;

When designing custom gemstones, you canfreely set indexing discs such as 64, 96, 126, or even 360 degrees. You can also add, modify, or delete the specified facet indexing values for the current layer, and add layers (including layer angles, i.e. gem facet angles) at will.


Main parameter

Clamping stick size: 6mm;

Angle accuracy: ± 0.02 °;

Battery type: polymer lithium battery;

Battery voltage: 11.7V;

Charging voltage: DC12V;

Basic dimensions: approximately 210mm X 62mm X 80mm;

Weight: approximately 750g.

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