Chelsea Filter FCF-25


Chelsea color filter is a special optical lens that transmits only red and some yellow-green light and absorbs other colors. Chelsea filter is an auxiliary identification instrument, mainly composed of color filters with strong selective absorption, which allow some wavelengths of light to pass through and absorb the remaining visible light. Different gemstones have different selective absorption and different residual colors, so the reactions under the color filter are also different. The purpose of distinguishing gemstones can be achieved by using the different reactions of gemstones under the color filter. The Chelsea filter only allows deep red and yellow-green light to pass through, absorbing other visible light.

〉High-quality optical glass filters
〉Never fades or comes off
〉Aluminum alloy frosted shell, exquisite and high-grade
〉Use a strong light source to illuminate the gemstone to be observed, and observe it with a color filter placed close to your eyes
〉Leather package


Emerald Filter Chelsea Filter

Model: FCF-25

The renowned CHELSEA FILTER is a must have for identifying colored stones. While it was originally intended to rapidly differentiate between genuine Emeralds and the pastes and doublets which resemble them, it also is a valuable aid in identifying other colored stones, as well. Designed to transmit only deep red and yellow-green light, and the best results are obtained when stones are examined under a strong electric light.

Chelsea filters are primarily used for spotting fakes added to colored stone parcels and mixed in jewelry, and to differentiate emerald from emerald look-alikes, it is also useful for checking aquamarine and sapphires. With the filter emeralds usually appear distinctly red or pinkish in color, while most imitations remain green. In rare cases certain emeralds, most notably from South Africa, may not show any pinkish color at all. A synthetic emerald will react the same as a genuine one.



High-quality optical glass filters;

Never fades or comes off; aluminum alloy frosted shell, exquisite and high-end;

Use a strong light source to illuminate the gemstone to be observed, and observe it with a color filter placed close to your eyes;

Size: 55mm*35mm*10mm;

Color filter: 25mm;

Net weight: 30g.

Leather package


Way of observe

Use a white light source;

The light is transmitted through the sample or reflected from the surface of the sample;

The color filter need close to the eye;

Observe at a distance of about 25cm-30cm from the sample.

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