Precious Metal tester FED-520


FED-520 is an all element analyzer, with a temperature drift rate controlled to one in a million for instrument components, ensuring the instrument’s strong stability and high precision.

Analysis range 1ppm to 99.999%
Measurement accuracy RSD≤0.01%, Au≥96%
Test the coating thickness of the jewelry industry, such as gold rhodium plating, platinum rhodium plating, silver gold plating, etc;
Can analyze the metal content in the electroplating solution.
Suitable for jewelry testing stations, jewelry training institutions, universities, jewelry factories, gold shops, and enterprises engaged in precious metal exchange.


XRF Precious Metal Analyzer Gold Testing Machine Gold Silver Analyzer Tester




Analysis range: 1ppm to 99.999%

Measurement accuracy RSD≤0.01%, Au≥96%

Test form: solid, powder, liquid

Light tube voltage 5KV~50KV

High voltage power supply 0~50KV

Light pipe tube flow 0μA~1000μA

Camera HD camera

Filters can choose a variety of custom switching

Detector: SDDdetector

Resolution 135±5eV

Multichannel Analyzer Digital Multichannel

Sample cavity size 310*270*80 (mm)

Test time 5sec~30sec

All 72 elements from sodium (Na) to uranium (U) (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Ru, Rh, Os, Ir, W, etc.)

Analysis software Qualitative and quantitative analysis software displays the test results while testing. It can dynamically display the test results in real time, and the user can terminate the test at any time.

Product dimensions 460*390*350 (mm)

Weight 38Kg

Instrument environment requirements: Ambient temperature -5℃~40℃; Relative humidity 15%~90%;

Power requirements: AC220V±5V, 50/60HZ, no high-power electromagnetic and vibration sources nearby


A dedicated computer comes standard.

Difference from FED-420 and FED520

Model Analysis range Measurement accuracy Detector Resolution Detect elements
FED-420 0.01% ~ 99.99% RSD≤0.03% Si-pin detector 145±5eV No light elements
FED-520 1ppm to 99.999% RSD≤0.01%, Au≥96% SDD detector 135±5eV All 72 elements



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