Uv-visible fiber spectrometer


This spectrometer is suitable for rapid detection of the UV-visible-near-infrared absorption characteristics of jewelry and jade materials in order to determine the species, origin (natural, synthetic, etc.) and optimization processing characteristics of jewelry and jade. It can non-destructively detect all types of jewelry and jade. There are no restrictions on sample shape, size, etc., and no sample preparation is required.

Back-illuminated CCD area array detector
Spectrum range: 220-1000nm
Repeatability: >99%
Can distinguish between natural diamonds, CVD diamonds, and HPHT diamonds, and can be tested for centimeters, broken diamonds
Dimensions: 496mm×394mm×185mm, weight: 13.8kg


Uv-visible fiber spectrometer

Model: FUV-007

The main technical parameters:

Detector: back-illuminated CCD area array detector, pixel number: 2048X64, with TEC cooling, the lowest can reach -15ºC;

Effective detection range of spectrum: 220-1000nm; 3. Integration time 1ms-100s;

Signal to noise ratio: 1000:1; 5. Resolution: 1.5nm;

Dark noise: RMS<3; 7. Repeatability: >99%;

Light source: balanced deuterium-tungsten dual light source, using high-quality dichroic mirrors, which can effectively filter out sharp peaks in the deuterium lamp spectrum and improve the full-band dynamic range;

Measurement methods: reflective integrating sphere (standard), and reflective fiber probe (standard),two measurement methods, most samples can be detected by the reflective integrating sphere method; Suitable for large samples in actual work of jewelry and jade detection, as well as very large samples, or dense small samples, the use of reflective optical fiber probes will have a better effect;

Phosphorescence measurement function can automatically capture the phosphorescence spectrum;

Diamond 415 confirmation function, by detecting the 415nm absorption peak of type Ia natural diamond, quickly determine whether it is a natural diamond;

12. Measure samples, varieties and sample preparation requirements: the system can non-destructively detect all kinds of jewelry and jade without restrictions on sample shape and size, and no sample preparation;

12.1-Colored gems: red sapphire, emerald, turquoise, lapis lazuli, topaz, yellow beryl, etc.;

12.2—-Jade category: jade, etc.;

12.3—- Diamonds: distinguish between natural diamonds, CVD diamonds, and HPHT diamonds, and can be tested for centimeters, broken diamonds;

12.4—- Organic gems: golden pearls, black pearls, coral, amber, beeswax, etc.;

13. The instrument comes with a 15.6-inch industrial computer, integrated design, convenient and efficient; built-in lithium battery, the instrument can be used continuously for about 3 hours when the battery is fully charged; all Chinese processing software, including: instrument control, data acquisition, spectrum processing, data Conversion, zoom in and zoom out of the spectrum, peak shape transformation, manual peak and valley marking, spectrum overlay display comparison, etc.;

14. Provide more than 300 gemstone FB spectrograms, follow-up will regularly upgrade and add spectrum library, users can obtain it from the cloud through the Internet; have the function of automatic matching of spectra; the library is presented in the form of a tree catalog, clearly classified, and can be searched automatically and manually; Customers can add user spectrum libraries as needed.

Dimensions: 496mm×394mm×185mm, weight: 13.8kg.


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