Jewelry Binocular Microscope FGM-R1-15


The microscope is a great tool for separating natural from synthetic, imitation and assembled gemstone and for quality grading of both diamonds and colored stone. The Model of FGM-R1-15 is a vertical binocular stereoscopic continuous zoom microscope, which can observe objects clearly and intuitively, and can fully reflect the internal characteristics and surface characteristics of gemstone specimens.

Provide three lighting modes
Magnification: 7X-45X
Zoom Ratio: 6.4:1
Input voltage: DC12V(100V-240V to DC12V)


Microscope Base Description:

The lens body can be adjusted freely within the range of 0-40°; there are mounting holes for gem clips on both sides;

Provide four lighting modes: bright field, dark field, top light;

30W high brightness adjustable halogen bottom lamp;

Special heat dissipation device under the lampshade can effectively extend the service life of the bulb;

Equipped with a beam diameter of 2-42mm continuously adjustable large diaphragm, ring-shaped dark field diffuser without screw fixing design, minus screw image interference, providing high-quality dark field;

Top lightis 3W high-brightness LED white surface light source, 6500+500K color temperature meets the requirements of diamond grading lighting;

Input voltage: 100V-240V,50-60Hz


Microscope Lens parameters

Eyepiece WF10X/20mm
Continuous zooming 7.0-45X
Zoom ratio 6.4:1
Working distance 100mm
Eye distance adjustment range 54mm-76mm



1.Check the surface characteristics of the gemstone. The surface of the gemstone is scratched, etched, damaged, bond surface (bubble, gloss difference), double crystal pattern, triangle growth mark, growth pattern, growth ribbon and so on.

2.Observe the internal characteristics of the gem, including the type, shape, quantity, double crystal plane, growth pattern, color distribution characteristics of inclusions, etc., for those with special inclusions.

3.Observe the ghosting of the faceted edge of the gem.

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