Jewelry Binocular Microscope FGM-U2-19


The microscope is a great tool for separating natural from synthetic, imitation and assembled gemstone and for quality grading of both diamonds and colored stone. The Model of FGM-U2-19 with wide field of view, clear image and special for the jewelry store, learner and gemstone lover.

〉Upright minitype base 2: long-life LED light source;
〉Supply 3 illumination system: bright field, dark field and top light;
〉Equip F19 microscope head: wide field of view, imaging clearly;
〉180° rotate objective lens,magnification 20-40X, two times magnifying;
〉Double power supply system, built-in 3x AA batteries or external DC power source;


Gemological & Jewelry binocular microscope with 20-40X magnification factor

Model: FGM-U2-19

[Product Feature] – Straight arm type Gem Microscope(Generation 2nd)

Upright minitype base 2: with long life LED light source;

Supply 3 illumination systems: bright field, dark field and top light;Convenient to controlled the bright field and dark field by electronic switch;

Humanized design, With Gem clamp mounting hole on both right and left side;

Two ways power supplies:3XAAbatteries or external DC 3V power source;

World-wide voltage: 100V-240V;

Equip F19 microscope head: wide field of view, imaging clearly

180° rotate objective lens, 20-40X, two times magnifying;

Working distance: 56mm;

Adjustable dicpter :WF10/16mm eyepiece

10.3W High brightness white LED6500±500K

Packing Size:360x300x175mm

Net Weight:5KG


[Product Application]

Gemological labs, gemology schools/institutes, gem&jewelry industrials, –etc.


Performance parameter of Optical system and its Accessories:

1.1Performance parameter of Optical system (unit: mm)




Field range Working distance Magnification
    2X     20     57     20
    4X     6.7     61     40


1.2 With wide field of view, clear image.

1.3 With 45 degree inclines for viewing the object.

1.4 With self-lock system.

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