Full spectrum light Gem Torch FGT-5


Special full-spectrum light source for gemstones, which can be used as a light source for gemstone spectroscope and assist in observing gemstones.

〉Dedicated Gem full spectrum light source
〉Can be used as a Spectroscopic light source and can also assist in observing gemstones
〉Spotlight beads are threadless installation, easy to disassemble and replace
〉Power by 2 AAA batteries
〉Built-in 1 spare lamp bead


Full Spectrum Spotlight Pen Shape Gem Torch



1.Dedicated Gem full spectrum light source; Metal casing.

2.Can be used as a Spectroscopic light source and can also assist in observing gemstones;

3.The spotlight bulb has no thread for installation,convenient disassembly and replacement;

4.The power supply is 2 AA batteries, and has a built-in spare bulb inside the top part.


How to use:

Install the battery, pay attention not to install the positive and negative poles reversely;

Turn on the torch switch;

After turning on the switch, irradiate gems or jade to observe.





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