Rotate Calcite Dichroscope FID-1A


Rotate Calcite Dichroscope FID-1A

Dichroscope is a pocket-sized tool that can aid in the identification of gemstones. This tool is used to inspect pleochroism color in gemstones and to quickly separate some common stones from each other (such as ruby versus red garnet).

Excellent iceland spar imaging, clear and obvious
Standard rectangular window
Black appearence,avoid interference from reflected light
Large eyepiece for clearer observation
Rotating stage,gemstone and dichroscope can rotating 360°


Product Feature

Model: FID-1


1. Excellent iceland spar
2. Standard rectangle window and square window can be choosed.
3. Rotating stage,gemstone and dichroscope can rotating 360°,adjustable up and down,backward and forward,easy operation
4. Black appearence aviod reflecting interference
5. Big eyepiece,clear observation
6. Light package




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