Mobile Gemstone Laboratory FGK-20


This portable toolkit includes all the high-quality instruments that the professional gemologist appraiser needs to examine and characterize gemstones with accuracy and precision.

〉20 items jewery tool kit & Gem Testing Lab
〉With LED Light source. Input voltage is DC12V (AC110V-AC220V to DC12V)
〉Equipped with special universal wheels, portable identification laboratory
〉With power cord for car use
〉Convenient for operators to use when going out


Multifunction Gem Travel Lab



The Box with LED Light source

1.Gem Microscope,10x-40x magnification, continuous zoom               

2.Stainless steel gem tweezer(DT-M)                               

3.Gem Refractometer FGR-003A(including 2ml Refractive index Liquid,with built in battery)                              

4.Handheld Prism Spectroscope-Focus nonadjustable(FPS-3)             

5.Gem Polariscope                    

6.Gem scale K100ct/005               

7.LW/SW UV Lamp                            

8.Diamond grading lamp(Top light of the gem microscope)                 

9.(Emerald)Chelsea color filter(FCF-25)                     

10.Rotating Calcite Dichroscope(FID-1A)                                 

11.Cold light source(Side light of the gem microscope)                      

12.DIAMOND COMBO TESTER(KE-DCT)                      

13.Gemstone holder J-AM                             

14.Full Spectrum Xenon strong light flashlight(Jade Torch FGT-3)                                 

15.10X20.5 Gem loupe                              

16.Mini Digital Gauge FFS-2501    

17.Hardness pencil,Mohs Hardness from 5 to 9(FMH-5)

18.Heart&Arrow Scope FCP-51

19.Diamond Grading Board FDB-1A

20.Spotlight pencil flashlight with full spectrum light source(FGT-5)



Gemological Laboratory, Gemology school, Jewelry industrial


Technical Parameter

1. Gem Microscope Gem Microscope(with stone holder)

Eyepieces binoculars, 10X, 22 mm in diameter
Zoom 1.0X-4.0X continuous
Fixing knob tighten when fixing the lens
Focusing knob ball-type focusing guide, adjustable self-locking mechanism, can raise and lower the lens, play the role of focusing
Lens arm support and fix the lens, hold it tightly when the lens body is adjusted
Diaphragm diameter 2-42mm continuously adjustable large diaphragm
Gemstone clip to hold the gem
Optical fiber lamp optical fiber auxiliary lighting
Light source adjustment bottom light, side light, top light touch dimming


2. Refractometer:

with CZ testing table,

Testing range:1.35-1.85,


power:DC3V or 2xAAA batteries,

Light source: built-in.

with 2ml RI Liquid(1.79RI)


3. Polariscope:


with a conoscope.


4.CCFL system and double waves UV Lamp.

5.With Diamond grading light(top light for microscope).

6.With cold light system.

7.With prism spectroscope


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