10X Jewelry Loupe 10X21LEDA

Hand-held magnifying glass can be used to observe various gems, jade and organic gems. It is the most convenient to carry, the most commonly used and the most practical jewelry identification tool.

〉Triplet Loupe
〉With both LED white light and UV light


Gem Loupe  

Model: 10X21LEDA

Triplet-type loupe:

Three antireflection lenses joined to create perfect chromatic colour correction allowing you to see precisely and clearly.


What the Loupe can show you:

With practice and experience a loupe can tell even the amateur a great deal.It can help determine whether a stone

is natural,synthetic,glass,or a doublet; it can help identify characteristic inclusions,blemishes,or cracks;it can reveal

important cutting or wear faults.



Triplet Loupe




With both LED white light and UV light

Color:chromatic aberration

Distortion:spherical aberration

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