Desktop Electronic Spectroscope FTS-CCD


The gem electronic spectroscope obtains the characteristic absorption spectra of gemstones through the wide-dynamic color camera system, which can be displayed on the computer screen in real-time and high-definition, and the spectra can be saved on the USB flash drive. The brightness of the spectrogram can be adjusted, and the absorption line is clearly visible, which solves the problem that beginners are not easy to observe the gem’s spectral absorption line, and realizes teacher-student interactive teaching.

〉Dual light source base, it can realize two test methods of transmission and reflection
〉Spectral scale range: 400-700nm, continuous spectrum light sources
〉The brightness of the spectrum can be adjusted, and the absorption line is clearly visible
〉Built-in computer and display screen, screen resolution: 1024*600
〉Designed with a VGA video output interface, which is convenient for teaching use.


Gem Desktop Electronic Spectroscope with screen scale range from 400 to 700nm



Desktop dual light source base, button light source switching, two observation methods: transmission and reflection;

Transmitted & Reflected light source: LED light source, encoder dimming, divided into fast dimming mode and slow dimming mode, which can continuously adjust the brightness of the light source;

Spectral range: Both transmitted light and reflected light are 400- 700nm continuous spectrum light sources

Sample compartment: flip-top darkroom to prevent external light interference, sample stage light aperture Φ2-Φ28mm continuously adjustable;

Operating interface: Integrated design, built-in microcomputer, 7-inch touch screen, approximately 105mm × 85mm; the operating interface includes full-spectrum area, blue-violet area, and red-yellow area, which can be freely selected according to the absorption characteristics of the gemstone;

Spectral scale range: 390-710nm, scale can be calibrated;

Spectroscope type: diffraction grating type;

Spectral brightness: knob-type adjustment, the absorption line is clearly visible;

Detector: 1280*1024 high-performance detector, dynamic range 68.2db;

Sensitivity: 2.1v/lux-sec, resolution: 0.4nm;

Usage environment: working temperature -10° to 60°, working voltage DC12V;

Screencasting function: Contains 1 VGA interface, which can transmit the absorption spectrum chart to a projector or large teaching screen without loss;

Storage function: The storage button on the main interface can save absorption spectrum screenshots with one click, which is convenient for making teaching courseware;

14.The device contains 2 USB interfaces, which can be connected to storage media such as U disk/removable hard disk;

Size and weight: no more than 21cm*16cm*19cm, no more than 2.5kg, portable design


Instrument Function Introduction


Observation effect:


Diamond 415nm characteristic absorption spectrum


Jade 437nm characteristic absorption spectrum


Ruby 468nm, 476nm and 692nm characteristic absorption spectrum


This instrument is a professional jewelry appraisal instrument, and the operator needs to have a certain jewelry appraisal ability to be proficient in the use of this instrument;

After the absorption line or band appears, if continuously reduce the brightness of the light source , the absorption band or absorption line will widen. This phenomenon is caused by the weakening of the light source brightness. The widened absorption line or band is not characteristic absorption. We generally record the position and intensity of the absorption line or band that appeared at the beginning;

The light entrance aperture should be small rather than large. When the test is not ideal, the light entrance aperture should be adjusted properly before testing;

Shut down according to the operating sequence required in this manual, do not force shut down at will

The size of the lock aperture needs to be determined according to the nature of the gemstone. In general, the better the transparency of the gemstone, the smaller the lock aperture should be, no more than 6mm


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