Gem Tweezers DT-M

High quality jewelry tools gem holder titanium diamond tweezers. Superior quality titanium material,Size:M. High elastic,with groove and lock

〉Rust and corrosion resistance
〉Use comfortable,High precision for pick-up
〉Anti-skid,Holding steady,Well-protected Gemstones


Pick Up Diamond Tweezers

Model: DT-M


1.High elastic,without Groove and Lock

2. High quality Gem Tweezers made from fine stainless steel,size: M

3.Anti-skid,Holding steady,Well-protected Gemstones

4. Rust and corrosion resistance

5. Use comfortable,High precision for pick-up

6. Very compact and convenient to hold the gemstone


Difference between tweezers DT-M, DT-MI, DT-MRI

DT-M without groove and lock
DT-MI with groove
DT-MRI with groove and lock


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