Gem refractometer FGR-002A


Refractive Index is one of the most important optical parameters used to identify and authenticate polished precious and semi-precious gemstones. Gem refractometer is the most important professional tool for identifying gem stones.It can test the gem refractive index easy,fast,and without spoilage,it can also determine other optical characteristics of gemstones..

High hardness Synthetic CZ test prism,Stainless steel table 
Scale range:1.35-1.85
Scale is marked finer than other models, with not only 1.40,1.50,1.60 but also 1.45,1.55,1.65…   
Acurracy: ≦±0.002, the scale of finer to 0.005
Internally installed the monochromatic light (wavelength:589.5nm)  

With Two levels of light brightness     

Equipped with a polarizer and 2ml refractive index Liquid(1.785±0.005) with glass bottle


Gemological refractometer



High hardness Synthetic CZ test prism

Scale range:1.35-1.85                    

Acurracy: ≦±002   

Stainless steel table,corrosion-resistant,easy to clean             

Professional optical design,shadow edge is ultra-straight and clear,easy to read; and Internally installed the monochromatic light (wavelength:589.5nm) 

There are two ways of inputing the voltage:2 xAAA batteries and DC3V 50mA direct current suply(AC100—240V).                                           

2ml refractive index Liquid(1.78±005) with glass bottle

★ with Two levels of light brightness,adjustable by switch, convenient for measuring the refractive index of gemstones with different properties;                   

★Equipped with a polarizer;

★Eyepiece: 32mm in diameter, with magnifying function;

Test conditions: Temperature: room temperature 5-35°C, humidity: ≤75%, no acid, alkali and other corrosive gases in the room;

Size: 140mm×42mm×95mm;

Prism size: 14mm×4mm;

Metal table size: 37mm×68mm;

Weight: 390g;

Minimum scale: 0.01. Scale is marked finer, with not only 1.40,1.50,1.60 but also 1.45,1.55,1.65…



A lightweight measuring instrument used by jewellers and traders of gemstones to measure polished stones over a refractive index range of 1.30 to 1.81 RI.

This instrument can also be used to identify whether a particular stone is Isotropic or Anistropic (uniaxial or biaxial).


Differences of all our 5 Gem refractometer Models

Model Color  Accuracy Table Material Finer Scale Built in battery  For Mounted  Stones  Two level Brightness
FGR-003 White 0.003 Aluminum alloy 1.40,1.50,… / / /
FGR-003A(Portable) Black 0.003 Aluminum alloy 1.40,1.50,… Yes / /
FGR-002 White 0.002 Stainless steel 1.40,1.50,… / / /
FGR-002J White 0.002 Stainless steel 1.40,1.50,… / Yes /
FGR-002A White 0.002 Stainless steel 1.40,1.45,1.50,1.55,… / / Yes


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