GEM SET for Gem Spectroscope- 12 PCS


This set of specimens includes natural gemstone specimens, optimized gemstone specimens, and synthetic gemstone specimens.

Each gemstone has obvious and typical internal and external characteristics, making it easier for students to understand the microscopic characteristics of gemstones


This set of specimens contains a variety of typical absorption spectrum characteristics of chromium spectrum, iron spectrum, and dyeing spectrum. It is suitable for teaching use of spectroscope and for personal interest enthusiasts to understand and learn to use spectroscope to observe characteristics.


Gem Set 12pcs for Gem spectroscope

No. Gem Name Color Shape Size(≥)mm Characteristics that may appear under a spectroscope QTY
1 Synthetic Ruby Red Faceted 7x9mm Red region absorption line, yellow-green region absorption band, blue region absorption line, purple region total absorption 1
2 Jadeite Grey-blue peace buckle 13x13mm 437nm absorption line in the purple region 1
3 Dyed quartzite Blue Cabochon 12x17mm absorption band in the Red region, yellow region, green region 1
4 Dyed Chalcedony Green Faceted 5x7mm absorption band in the Red region 1
5 Idocrase Green Faceted 5x7mm an absorption line in the blue region 1
6 Almandine Purple red Faceted 6x9mm strong absorption band in the Yellow region, green region, blue-green region 1
7 Cobalt Glass Blue purple Cabochon 8x10mm absorption bands in the green region, yellow region, and orange-yellow region 1
8 Selenium Glass Red Faceted 6x6mm Strong absorption after 620nm in red region 1
9 Olivine Green Faceted 9x11mm strong absorption bands at 453nm, 473nm, 493nm 1
10 Synthetic color change sapphire Blue purple Faceted 7x9mm absorption line in the Red region, absorption band in orange and yellow region,absorption in the blue and purple region 1
11 Synthetic cubic zirconia(CZ) Colorless Faceted 6.5×6.5mm 580nm absorption double line in the yellow region 1
12 Synthetic cubic zirconia(CZ) Pink Faceted 8x8mm Multiple absorption 1



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