Diamond Combo Tester KE-DCT


Diamond Combo Tester for Identify Diamond, Moissanite,CZ and other fake diamonds.

Metal detector  
Mounted or loose diamonds can be tested at one time   
Only stones larger than 0.2 carats can be detected
6 minutes automatic shutdown to save battery    
Pocket and portable, easy to operate


Professional diamond testing tool Diamond Moissanite Tester


One test can distinguish between diamond, moissanite,CZ and other fake diamonds

Only stones larger than 0.2 carats can be detected

Pocket and portable, whether mountedor loose diamonds can be tested at one time, easy to operate

It has the function of automatically prompting the low voltage of the power supply. When the battery power is low, the low voltage indicator will light up to remind the user to replace the new battery.

With metal detection function (orange light is on)

Power supply: 4.5V, 3XAAA (1.5V) alkaline batteries

Dimensions and weight: 170X22X40mm Weight: net weight is about 65g



Make the gem contact with the pen tip vertically (90 degrees), and press the diamond holder with the other hand.

Press it slightly and observe the change of the three color indicator light.

In order to ensure the correct detection, the probe must continue to touch the gemstone after hearing the prompt sound.If the probe is removed and touches the metal or slides on the gemstone during the detection, it may cause false detection results and need to be tested again.

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