Portable Hearts and Arrows Scope FCP-51

This unique scope will reveal the hidden beauty and brilliance of hearts and arrows pattern in your loose diamond, or the arrows pattern of the diamond in the setting, anyone can clearly see the effect of the arrows in the top view of the diamond and hearts from the bottom view.

〉Magnification: 5X
〉High-quality tower cutting loupe to check gem cutting


Portable Size Hearts and Arrows Scope for Viewing the Diamond

Model: FCP-51


5X Magnification


High quality tower cut loupe to check gemstone cut

Weight: 45g



Hold the cutting Loupe in the right hand to make the lens parallel to the line of sight, (5-10cm is better), hold the object to be viewed in the left hand and slowly approach the lens against the light. When moving the identified object, find a suitable observation position and the line of sight If the object is vertical, the effect is very obvious.

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