Mohs Hardness pencil FMH-10

Hardness of gem correlate closely to the wear resistance,it is most important factor of the value of gem.

Hardness pencil is used for scratching the rough gemstones. If there are scratches, the gemstone hardness is lower than that hardness marked on the pens.

Mohs Hardness from 1 to 10. It includes:1, Talc   2, Gypsum  3, Calcite  4, Fluorite  5, Apatite  6, Feldspar  7, Quartz  8, Topaz  9, Corundum  10, Diamond


Mohs Hardness pencil 1-10



The top of the hardness pen is inlaid with pure gemstones with Mohs hardness, representing corresponding hardness.

Mohs Hardness from 1 to 10:  

Mohs Hardness 1 Talc
Mohs Hardness 2 Gypsum
Mohs Hardness 3 Calcite
Mohs Hardness 4 Fluorite
Mohs Hardness 5 Apatite
Mohs Hardness 6 Feldspar
Mohs Hardness 7 Quartz
Mohs Hardness 8 Topaz
Mohs Hardness 9 Corundum
Mohs Hardness 10 Diamond




Gemological labs, gemology schools/institutes, jewelry/gem industry, –etc.



The use of the hardness pencil is damaged to the sample and the hardness pen itself. Please use it with caution!

When using, please scratch the sample lightly with a hardness pencil.

Please select the part where the sample is not conspicuous or not the main surface for testing. Please do not choose the polished surface for faceted and curved gemstones.

Mohs hardness is not a specific value, but a rough range of hardness. The appraisal result of this product is only used as auxiliary evidence and cannot be used as direct evidence to directly judge the gemstone species.

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