Gem Polariscope FTP-LED


Gem Polariscope is used to distiguish the homogeneous gem from nonhomogenous gem and the crystalline aggregate,and test the abnormal birefringence of the gem under certain circumstance,use the conoscope to view the interference pattern and the uncoaxiality.

Polarizer diameter: ¢49mm
Object stage: sample cell can rotate 360°
Conoscope:18mm large diameter, with special adjustable bracket
Electric power source: 100–240V
Warm white LED cold light source


Product Feature


Upper and lower polarizers: 49mm large-diameter polarizer, removable structure. The upper polarizer is free to rotate 360°, and the stage is free to rotate 360°; the lower polarizer is fixed;

Light source: long-life, warm white LED cold light source imitating incandescent lamps, which facilitates observation of interference patterns and is more conducive to protecting polarizers;

Power supply: Equipped with an integrated global wide-voltage power supply, it can work normally within the voltage range of 100–240V, and the brightness is stable;

Accessories: Equipped with 18mm large-diameter observe Interference ball and special adjustable bracket;

Power: 1W;

External dimensions: 110mm×70mm×145mm;

Weight: 650g;

Material: metal material.     


Reaction of gem under polariscope

Four bright and four dark:crystal,moonstone,scapolite,Iolite,topaz,Peridot, Diopside,Apatite,Chrysoberyl, Corundum and the synthetic corundum,Zircon

Always bright:nepherite,jadeite,Chalcedony,Rhodochrosite,colored Marble

Always full-dark:Glass imtation,Glass aerolite,Opal,Fluorite,Grossularite,Spinel,etc.

Abnormal extinction:part of glass imitation,part of opal,Fluorite,Grossularite,most part of Rhodolite and Almandine,Synthetic spinel,most diamond,and some cubic zirconia,etc.


1.Crack of gem may interfere the effect of polariscope,so pls tell them apart

2.Put the gem with high refractive index into the oil with close refrative index,contour of the gem completely disappears and the inclusions are displayed.

3.This polaricope is not fit for Opaque and small gem.  

FABLE gemological polariscopes Parameter

Parameter White LED cold light source Warm white LED cold light source Dual light source-warm light &white light Portable Polariscope
49mm large diameter polarizer 25mm diameter polarizer
Upper polarizer can rotate 360°
110mmx70mmx145mm 135mmx82mmx150mm 35mmx85mm
100v-240v 100v-240v 110-240V Button battery
High luminance, and long life

White LED cold light source

High luminance, and long life

Warm white LED cold light source

Warm white light 3200K-3800K

White light 6000K-6500K

High luminance, and long life

White LED cold light source

Load platform: 360°rotating Detachable unloading platform
Conoscope: high condenser lens No conoscope
Accessory Conoscope*1 Conoscope*1 Conoscope*1 Packaging leather case*1 Button cell*1



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