Gem Identification Tool kit FGB-9

This portable tool kit includes 9 items instruments that the professional gemologist appraiser needs to examine and characterize gemstones.

〉High quality 9pcs gemological instruments
〉Black case packing, easy and convenient to use and carry.
〉Special designed for students and identification enthusiasts
〉With very light weight of 0.5kg only.


Gemological instrument kit




★Contains 9 conventional instruments: 

1.Handheld Grationg spectroscope(FGS-1)

2.Calcite dichroscope(FID-1)

3.(Emerald)Chelsea color filter(FCF-25)

4.Blue-violet light laser pointer(FJT-AA)

5.UV LED Torch (FUV-R2)

6.high-efficiency full-spectrum condenser light source(Gem Pen Torch FGT-5)

7.10×20.5 Gem Loupe

8.Portable Gem Polariscope(FPP-30)

9.Stainless steel gem tweezer(DT-M)

Size: 20cm*17cm*4cm;

Weight: 465g.


Difference between FGB-9, FGB-8, FGB-6

Blue-violet light laser pointer(FJT-AA) / /
UV LED Torch (FUV-R2) /       √
Portable Gem Polariscope(FPP-30) /       √
Other 6 iterms       √


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