UV Gemstone Torch FUV-R2

Ultraviolet LED is used to arouse the fluorescence of gem. Most gem have strong reaction to the ultraviolet,this is the long-wave ultraviolet LED.

〉Mini UV flashlight with long wave of 365nm
〉High-power UV chip lamp beads
〉Made of 304 stainless steel
〉With a pen clip


Led flashlight torch UV LED Torch



1.Mini UV flashlight with wavelength of 365 nm,Use high-power UV chip lamp beads

2.It can use ordinary AAA batteries or 10440 rechargeable batteries

3.Ordinary batteries is available

4.The shell is made of 304 stainless steel, with a pen clip and a flat head

5.Net weight:26 grams (excluding battery)

6.Size: 87mm X 12mm



1. Fluorescent agent detection:

Such as washing powder, cosmetics, facial mask, BB cream, lotion, children’s underwear, etc.


2. Security mark detection

Money detection check, bank card detection check,etc.


3. Jade,amber detection

Detection of authenticity, transparency, etc.



If it is not used for a long time, please remove the battery

When the battery power is low, please replace the battery or charge the battery in time

It is forbidden to irradiate the eyes during use

The effect is better when used in a dark environment

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