Presidium Multi Tester PMUT


Presidium Gem Tester for Identify Diamonds and Moissanites , assist to identify ruby, sapphire. An ergonomically-designed instrument that instantly identifies diamonds and moissanites based on their thermal and electrical conductivity properties

The industry’s thinnest retractable probe tip at 0.6mm,tests diamonds as small as 0.02ct and ensures reliable results.
Ergonomic design with a rubberized anti-slip grip


Presidium Diamond & Moissanites Multi Tetser III



Presidium Gem Tester for Identify Diamonds and Moissanites , assist to identify ruby, sapphire

Retractable thermoelectric probe tip that ensures constant pressure between probe and gemstone

Industry’s thinnest probe tip (0.6mm) for testing gemstones as small as 0.02ct

Metal alert buzzer to ensure that probe tip is in contact with gemstone during testing

No waiting time between tests

Ergonomic design with rubberized anti-slip grip for better handling during testing

180-degree multi-viewing LED display

Catered to both left-handed and right-handed users alike

International voltage compatibility

Low batter indicator

Automatic power off



Identifies metals, simulants, moissanites, and diamonds instantly

Simple and easy to use

Enhanced accuracy and consistency

Accurate testing on diamonds as small as 0.02ct

Enhanced functionality and usability

Clear and visible display for ease of reading measurements

Light and portable tester that can be used anywhere





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