Portable Fluorescent Lamp FUV-100A


Fluorescent lamp is an important auxiliary identification instrument, which is mainly used to observe the luminescence (fluorescence) of gemstones, and can quickly distinguish the varieties of gemstones in some aspects. For example: quickly distinguish synthetic ruby from natural ruby, quickly distinguish some diamonds and imitation diamonds, quickly distinguish A jadeite and B jadeite, quickly distinguish red garnet and ruby, etc.

〉365nm UV light, long wave light
〉Set up big eyepiec,4X magnification
〉With Dark Field: Easy to view the color and optic characters of Gem under the ultraviolet light
〉With built-in battery
〉with mini size and easy take, portable and convenient to use


Portable UV Lamp



1. 365nm longwave UV light with built-in battery,Can be used for a variety of gems

2. Set up big eyepiece(Proprietary technology),4X magnification

3. With Dark Field: make observation and identification more accurate

4. With Type-C Port

5. Dimensions: 98mm*60mm

6. Power: 2W

7. Power supply: DC5V/1A,Type C rechargeable

8. Built in Battery: 1200mA

9. Wavelength: 365nm, with color filter

10. Weight: 206g


Working Principle

Using 365nm ultraviolet light to irradiate the gemstone can make it emit different degrees of ultraviolet fluorescence. Different gemstones have different Ultraviolet fluorescence characteristics due to different internal compositions and structures. The same gemstone, with different internal trace elements, will also have different ultraviolet fluorescence characteristics.



Avoid looking directly at the lamp beads of Ultraviolet fluorescent lamps;

Place the gemstone on a black, non-fluorescent desktop, and the black background is conducive to the observation of gemstone fluorescence;

A jadeite may have partial fluorescence, while the whole jadeite B has fluorescence;

The Ultraviolet fluorescence reaction is only used as an auxiliary identification basis;

The fluorescence of transparent samples is different from that of opaque samples.

Difference between FUV-100, FUV-100A and FUV-200A

FUV-100 FUV-100A FUV-200A
Built-in battery /
365nm longwave /
254nm shortwave / /


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