Gem Travel Lab FGL-8

Fable Protable identification travel lab,8 items jewery tool kit & Gem Testing Lab with conoscope. A professional gem testing tool kit, includes nearly all the needed gemological instruments. Including 2ML Refractive index Liquid and batteries), Portable Polariscope, Handheld Spectroscope, Chelsea Filter, Hardness pencil, Jade compact Torch, Gem Tweezer, Gem Loupe.

〉8 items jewery tool kit & Gem Testing Lab
〉Commonly used appraisal instruments, portable small laboratory.
〉Convenient for operators to use when going out
〉Durable shock resistent aluminaum box and good looking
〉Easy to carry


Professional Portable Jade Identification kit



★There are 8 essential instruments for jade identification:                    

1.Gem refractometer FGR-003 (including 2ML Refractive index Liquid)

2.Portable Gem Polariscope(FPP-30)    

3.Handheld Prism Spectroscope-Focus nonadjustable(FPS-3)

4.10×20.5 Gem Loupe                                                         

5.(Emerald)Chelsea color filter(FCF-25)                                                    

6.Stainless steel gem tweezer(DT-M)                                                      

7.Full Spectrum Xenon strong light flashlight(Jade Torch FGT-3)                                          

8.Hardness pencil,Mohs Hardness from 4 to 9(FMH-6)

Size: 320mm*240mm*105mm;

Weight: about 2.0kg.

Packaging:Exquisite Portable aluminum box



Gemological Laboratory, Gemology school, Jewelry industrial


Technical Parameter

Gem RefractometerFGR-003:

CZ test prism

two ways power supply: 2x AAA batteries and world wide AC100–240V;

testing rang: 1.35-1.85;

accuracy: ≦±0.003;

e. appearance:Aluminum alloy with silver color.

f. 2ml refractometer fluid (1.78±0.005) with unique design of the bottle


Difference between FGL-8 and FGL-8A

Model Gem Refractometer Handheld Prism Spectroscope
FGL-8 FGR-003(accuracy: ≦±0.003,Aluminum alloy table) FPS-3(Focus nonadjustable)
FGL-8A FGR-002(accuracy: ≤±0.002,Stainless steel table) FPS-3A(Focus adjustable)


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