Product Detail
Model: FGR-003A
Material: Frosted aluminum alloy table
Weight: 0.4kg
Size: 120×80×42mm
Package: Leather bag
Term: FOB ShenZhen
Delivery: By Express
Lead: 7 days

Fable Portable Gem Refractometer FGR-003A with built-in battery


1.Hard CZ(Cubic Zirconia) testing prism.

2.Measuring range:1.35-1.85.Accuracy: ±0.003

3.Professional optical design, shadow boundary super straight and clear; Frosted Aluminum alloy table, corrosion resistant, easy to clean;Built-in quasi-monochromatic LED light source;

4.Unique Built-in lithium battery, 700 mAh, full charge can provice the refractometer to work for more than 7 days.

5.with a bottle of 2ml   refractive index Liquid (1.78±0.005), can placed in the slot of the refractometer lid,unique design of the bottle, overcome the traditional oil bottle is fragile, easy to spill, difficult to control the drop and other defects, use more safe, economic, convenient;

6.With a polariscope,polariscope can be stuck in the special bracket at side of the refractometer,effectivetly avoid the loss of polariscope,easy to carry.

7.Eyepiece: diameter of 32mm, with amplification function(4X) to help view the scale/reading clearly;

8. Test conditions: Temperature: room temperature: 5-35, humidity: ≤75%, no acid, alkali and other corrosive gases in the room;

9. Small Palm Size: 120mm×42mm×80mm; Portable design

10. Exquisite Package: one set in a black bag and then into a brown box

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Demonstration Vedio
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Lapidary Machine-Eight Square Hand Using 02.MP4
Lapidary Machine-Eight Square Hand Using 01.MP4
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