Product Detail
Model: FUV-4Z
Material: Metal
Weight: 2.6kg
Size: 17*17*14cm
Package: a bubble box
Term: FOB ShenZhen
Delivery: By Express
Lead: 7 days


The UV Fluorescent Lamp is light source which supply the Ultraviolet light for the Gem and Jewelry to check its fluorescent.

Ultraviolet Light, UV Lamp FUV-4Z for Gem identifying & Diamond grading:

Easy to view the color and optic characters of Gem under the ultraviolet light.

1, With Dual-Wavelength: LW=365nm, SW=253.7nm.

2, Set up big eyepiece(Proprietary technology)

3, Drawer observation darkroom: good effect in dark room and eady to take Gem.(Proprietary technology)

    Strengthen the observation effect of weak fluorescence and fluorescence distribution characteristics.

4, Unique diamond roller device for diamond grading, easy comparison of classification.

    Available to adjust the position directly at outside.

5, Equipped with a global wide-voltage external power supply; output 12V/1A,

    cold cathode lamp tube, service life 1W hours;

6, One year warranty

Matters and Attentions:

Make sure to avoid the affect of ambient light when view the gem;

If the gem too big, you can take the LW or SW light off to view the gem, but remember to do it in a dark room;

Do not look direct to the UV light;

Please turn off the electric power after the test.

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