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The refractometer is considered by some to be the most important of all gem identification instruments. It can be indicated (not measures) the refraction index of a gemstone, which often gives vital clues to the identity of a gemstone. Fable brand Refractometer provides a numerical reading from a scale you see when you look through the eyepiece and determine whether a stone with single or double refracting by its physical characteristics.
The refractometer works well with transparent, translucent as well as opaque polished stone.
Measuring Method
1. Myopia Method (Known as facet method).
Testing Steps:
① Cleaning Gemstone and testing table by alcohol.
② Power on and observe if it is clear
③ Placing the biggest facet of stone in the metal stage
④ Dropping RI liquid (2mm diameter) to the middle of the testing table
⑤ Changing the stone from the stage to middle of testing table and making sure the stone connect well with the liquid and Covering.
⑥ Closing with the eyepiece by your eye and observing the half dark and bright showing and reading out the line between them
⑦ Moving 360 degree of the stone around slowly, you can make a reading and record when move to each angle.
⑧ Testing finished, please move the stone from the testing table to stage then take it off for protecting well the testing table
⑨ Cleaning the stone as well as testing table, please do clean the testing table in a direction by cotton ball with alcohol
2. Distant Vision Technique Method (Known as spot method).
Testing Steps:
① Removing the eyepiece.
② Picking up the sample and cleaning it
③ Dropping RI liquid (2mm diameter) to the middle of the testing table and making sure the testing sample get touch with the liquid
④ Making the eyes far away from the eyepiece in between 25 to 30cm and viewing the shadow which comes out from the testing stone by the eyepiece pot. If it is arc gemstone, the oval shadow will be showed
⑤ Please keep your eyes moving up and down when you see the image of the droplet (the image will keep moving with your moving eyes), please note the color of the image
⑥ You will get half dark and half bright in the middle of the image which is the refractive index exactly of the tested stone