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Fable history

- 2006 -
The Factory of Fable brand Gem instrument was

established in Nanchang.

- 2007 -
Awarded utility model patent of Refractive Index Oil.

Patent No. ZL2006 2 0096730.7

Awarded utility model patent of Ultra Violet Fluorescence


Patent No. ZI 2006 2 0096731.1

- 2008 -
The factory moved to Shenzhen from Nanchang and Shen

zhen Fable Jewellery Technology Co., Ltd was registered.

- 2009 -
We have cooperation with both Shenzhen Bolun

Vocational & Technical Schools and Shenzhen Polytechnic.

The Practice and Training base was started for student in

Shenzhen Fable Jewellery Technology Co.,Ltd.

Awarded Teaching Research and Technological

Development Outstanding Achievement issued by

CASWEVT (China Association of Staff and Workers

Education and Vocational Training).

Awarded utility model patent of Gem Refractometer

Optics Teaching Demonstration System.

Patent No. ZL 2010 2 0562981.6

Awarded utility model patent of Gem Polariscope

Conoscope Interference Demonstration System.

Patent No. ZL 2010 2 0562978.4

We have cooperated with Guangzhou South China

Industry and Trade Industrial School on instrument


- 2012 -

Awarded utility model patent of Gem Microscope

bottom light reflected system.
Patent No.   ZL 2011203914124

The trademark registration certificate of microscope,

refractometer, optical apparatus and instruments,

spectroscope, ocular lens, photometer, magnifying lens,

spectrograph, teaching apparatus were approved.

We have cooperation of both Sinkiang Vocational

University and Lanzhou Resource & Environment

Voc-tech College.

- 2013 -
Awarded utility model patent of Rotatable Dichroscope.

We have cooperation of both Shenzhen Institute   of Technology and Fusan Zhengjingyi Vocational   School.

- 2014 -
We have cooperation with Fujian Science and        Technology
Technical School, Shenzhen Yiantian   District Yangang Middle School,                              Jiangmen Vocational Technology College,

Yunnan College of Tourism Vocation, Dehong Teacher's College.

- 2015 -

Cooperated with Shenzhen Technician College to develop a comprehensive training platform for intelligent jewelry detection successfully;

- 2016 -

In June, together with Shenzhen Bolun Vocational and Technical School, we developed an invention patent: an ultraviolet flurescence colorimeter;

In August of the same year, we participated in the National Jewelry Teaching Materials Conference hosted by China University of Geosciences Press, and had in-depth exchanges with teachers of many jewelry colleges in Inner Mongolia Engineering School;

- 2017 -

We title sponsor the "Fable Cup-National Jewelry School Gem Cutting and Grinding Craft Competition" which sponsored by China Gemstone Association and undertaken by Wuzhou University;

- 2018 -

In March, we were selected by the Ministry of Education as the only cooperative enterprise in the first "jewelry and jade identification" competition of the "National Vocational College Skills Competition";

In November of the same year, We were awarded the "National High-tech Enterprise" certificate;

- 2019 -

In March, due to development needs, the company moved to Nanwan Shanglilang Jinjijia Science and Technology Park. The plant area was increased to 2,700 square meters, and it was once again selected as the only cooperative enterprise in the “jewelry and jade identification competition” of the higher vocational group of the National Vocational Skills Competition.