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Company profile

       Shenzhen Fable Jewellery Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2006, located in Shenzhen which is called Chinese jewellery capital. Shenzhen, with its unique geographical location and development advantages, is the  largest international well-know jewellery manufacturing base and trade set scattered places. It is also the international information center of jewellery industry as well as training center of jewellery appraisal.

       Fable focus on research and development, producing and marketing Jewellery Detection and Identification Instruments, specialized in gem microscope, gem refractometer gable spectroscope, hand-held Spectroscope (Grating Spectroscope and Prism Spectroscope), calcite dichroscope, table polariscope, portable polariscope,    LW/SW Ultraviolet Lamp, Optic fiber Illumination (Cold Light Source), Diamond Proportion Tester, Hardness Pencil, Gem Identifying Travel Lab etc. Some products are patented in China. Fable insists on the principle of "Excellent Qualiry, Reasonable Price, Honesty, Co-operation". And take firm steps to achieve continuous development at home and abroad by offering advaced products with competitive prices and best service.

       Fable will, as always provide high quality product and excellent service. If you are satisfied, please share with more others!

       Thank you all!